The resort boasts with a guesthouse consisting of four en-suite rooms and excellent reception facilities which compare favourably with the best hotels in South Africa.

The guesthouse features the following facilities

  • Double door garage
  • Lounge with TV
  • Dining room
  • Four rooms with 2 single beds in each room
  • Kitchen with all necessary amenities such as:
    Fridge/ freezer, microwave oven, the necessary crockery, oven/ stove, dishwasher etc..
  • Bathroom:
    Shower, bath, toilet, basin.
  • Total Privacy

Guesthouse One Gallery

Guesthouse two gallery



In Season Tariffs

House 1 – R5600.00
House 2 – R4000.00

Public Holidays, Weekends and School Holidays: Friday 14:00 – Sunday 14:00
Prices per Night & Includes VAT

Out of Season Tariffs

House 1 – R2800.00
House 2 – R2000.00

Arrival Time Monday – Saturday: 14:00
Departure time: Monday – Saturday: 09:00
Arrival time: Sunday: 17:00, Departure time: Sunday: 14:00
Prices per Night & Includes VAT